Vietjet unveils new transport wing: Vietjet Air Cargo

Travel and Lifestyle Press Releases Monday November 24, 2014 15:27
Bangkok--24 Nov--ghcasia

Vietjet has officially launched an affiliate company, VietjetAir Cargo, paving the way for the dynamic new-age carrier to transport freight and commodities globally as part of the airline’s business development plan.

After three years of operation, Vietjet has doubled the fleet in comparison to the fleet in 2013, transporting six million passengers in 2014. This is a significant growth in the challenging aviation industry.

In line with the growth of passenger quantity, Vietjet is taking advantage of existing commercial flights and expanding the services into cargo transport with 28 routes this year and 39 routes next year. Vietjet’s fleet is expected to reach 30 Airbus A320 aircraft by the end of 2015 in accordance with the cargo demand locally and globally.

With the establishment of Vietjet Air Cargo, Vietjet has formed a new and breakthrough business model in which air cargo is independently and strategically operated with the ambition to be the very first air cargo service in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Not only with the main function of air cargo in local and global commercial flights but Vietjet Air Cargo also features itself in freighter fleet and air charter services nationwide and all over the world. Vietjet Air Cargo will partner with Interlines to enhance and further develop the cargo network.

“Air cargo still embraces a huge potential in Vietnam. Currently, this service is mainly exploited by foreign airlines, for the local airlines’ fleet has not been qualified for such services in Vietnam.”

According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), Vietnam aviation industry reached 680,000 tons of commodities in 2013, which was prevailed by the navy transport of 300 million tons of import-and-export goods annually. However, air cargo accounts for 25% of total exports in Vietnam. This is really a surprising number, for commodities transported by air are valuable goods, such as smartphones, electronic devices, time-sensitive goods (garment, clothes, fresh seefood), and diplomatic items,…For electronic equipment in Hanoi only (especially Samsung mobile phones in addition to Nokia, Microsoft, Canon, and Foxcon’s), air cargo has transported 40% of the commodities by air in Hanoi, which has been strongly increasing up to 10-15% every year. This is a good sign for air cargo in Vietnam with the expected revenue beyond one billion USD in 2015.

In the time of growing demand of air transport and the present economic integration, the establishment of Vietjet Air Cargo is a great opportunity but also a challenge for such a young and new age airline as Vietjet.

With a team of Vietjet professional companies and strategic business development plans, Vietjet Air Cargo is believed to win fruitful business performance to become the leading cargo airline in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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