Tourism Authority of Thailand Launches Amazing VR to Showcase Thainess Through New Media

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Bangkok--28 May--ShopSpot

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has released a film to promote tourism in Thailand called 'Amazing VR' for the first time in Thailand. TAT has produce this Virtual Reality (VR) film on purpose to offer a virtual reality experience that they will attain from travelling in Thailand according to TAT's 'Discover Thainess' campaign before making a decision to visit Thailand. Thus this film is considered as a brand new dimension of Thailand's tourism industry endorsement.

TAT presented through a visual in Virtual Reality (VR) system. The Amazing VR consists of three main narrative representations which represent prosperity in Thai cultural heritage and uniqueness in Thai way of living known by public globally. The first experience of your journey starts at the first scene in Thai boxing ring where you become a fighter on canvas ring to practice our famous Thai fight and sense the ambience of traditional Thai martial art on this ring through the performance of Thai boxing dance, Thai boxing guru worship and feel the victory of fighter who has been trained very hard to beat a rival. The second scene represents Thai way of life and local costume which will guide you to explore the road along the thread line weaved as Thai living and culture from generation to generation, both cotton and silk textile. Through your experiment on procedures in weaving silk from thread to textile and making Thai costume of your choice, and from coloring thread to making the pattern, you will learn about tourist destinations based on location of each local textile in the country.

Farewell to your Amazing VR experience with the last scene telling the story of Thai rice which counts as the blood vessel nourishing Thai citizens nationwide. Become a part of experience from the rice field to the plate on how to cook jasmine rice finely. The audience will also learn about our customs combined with rice farm and harvest in each province nationwide and end your unforgettable journey with delicious Thai dishes served with hot-served jasmine rice from every region in Thailand.

TAT was very determined during the production of Amazing VR to encourage tourists to experience the journey in Thailand through a new format of presentation providing more sensorial impact to audience. When viewing this film with a device set called Head-Mounted Display: HMD, viewers will be able to experience it through the sensation as if they were the main character of the film just like they visit Thailand by themselves. We definitely hope that Amazing VR will attract more international tourists to become interested and make a trip and sense this impressive experience in Thailand by themselves, and also to activate Thai tourism industry continually.

Let experience advance and innovative presentation format of Discover Thainess experience to learn more about Thainess. Interested audience can watch or download Amazing VR from these following channels

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