The First Time In Thailand Sharp Thai Co., Ltd. Together With TAT launched 1st 8K video in ASEAN By Sharp 8K to Promote Tourism

Travel and Lifestyle Press Releases Thursday July 12, 2018 09:21
Bangkok--12 Jul--Dai-Ichi Kikaku

Sharp joins hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to launch a new dimension of the latest Thai film to boost tourism under the theme "Changing the World with 8K", using the world's first 8K Sharp camcorder. It highlights the leader in technology changing the world. "8K Ecosystem" and delivers the ultimate resolution of realistic pictures, 16x greater than full HD TV. It is the first 8K video in Thailand as well as in ASEAN to fulfill the success of cooperation in the "Amazing Thailand Amazing 8K" project, and ready to publish to the world.

Dr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said, "The new series of Thai films to promote tourism is set in the theme "Changing the World with 8K", an outcome of cooperation between Sharp and TAT under the Amazing Thailand Amazing 8K project. It is a major collaboration between government agencies and private sectors in promoting the image of Thai tourism for a period of two years. Sharp's latest technology "8K Ecosystem" has been introduced to create a press medium to help showcase the beauty of Thailand in a new dimension that provides the ultimately high definition of realistic pictures as never before.

This is the first time in Thailand that Sharp brings a professional photography team from Taiwan to take photos of the latest travel destinations, festivals, and traditional events in Thailand together with the staff of the Tourism Authority of Thailand using the world's first 8K Sharp camera to capture a moment of joys and beautiful sceneries of Thailand to present to the world. This film will be publicized on various channels of public relations of the Tourism Authority of Thailand on SHARP AQUOS 8K Series monitor of Sharp that has a large network of consumers, especially in Asian and ASEAN markets. With the screen with a resolution of 16 times more than Full HD TV, it will help convey the beauty of natural attractions, architecture of temples, fine craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen, including a variety of colorful Thai foods, delivering the touch of realistic pictures. It is another important step in the production of media for public relations in Thailand".

Mr. Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Executive Managing Officer, Head of President's Office of SHARP Corporation, talked about the "Deliver the Beauty to the World" concept. "On April 2, Sharp Thai and TAT jointly engaged to cooperate closely upon the MOU signed, and Sharp Corporation President, Mr. Tai Jeng-Wu was honorably invited by the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Government to meet in mid-June. Hence it can be seen that Sharp has a very deep and long-term relationship with Thailand. SHARP has announced its business vision "Changing the world with 8K". Since developing and introducing Japan's first television in 1953, Sharp has always been developing the latest technology of television for more than half a century. As the resolution reaches 8K, we found out that the image appears as close as possible to what we actually see with human eyes, and the sense of reality is almost the same as the real thing. That's why we chose Thailand as the first country in ASEAN to unveil the real beauty with Sharp 8K technology. I would like to express my thanks to Thailand government giving Sharp this opportunity to join the 'Amazing Thailand Amazing 8K' project, calling for the appreciation of Thailand's attractive tourism resources and culture created over the long history of the country to the world and also looking forward to seeing more cooperation beyond 8K in the future as well.

Mr. Robert Wu, Managing Director of Sharp Thai Co., Ltd., said, "As you know, the number of tourists coming to Thailand got amazing growth rate year-by-year. According to the report, tourists bound for Thailand already achieve for more than 27% of all ASEAN visitors. It shows Thailand has already approached No. 1 choice for the international tourists. To collaborate TAT and SHARP's strengths and advantages, it's definitely the win-win cooperation and so on. Therefore, TAT and Sharp jointly to deliver 1st 8K video of SongKran through Sharp 8K technology is just a beginning. We have lots of "Amazing 8K" to be continue. We must foresee the stronger partnership in the near future. Speaking about the Sharp 8K, according to Mr. Hashimoto just mentioned about the business vision of SHARP is "Changing the world with 8K", but how to adopt to our real life? 8K is not merely a technology to make images high definition and clear. It is expected to develop not only the broadcasting video field but also medical care, security and infrastructure filed, etc., and it's definitely in full compliance with the strategy of Eastern Economic Corridor under Thailand 4.0 policy. Actually, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the EEC and Thailand 4.0 policy when he met Sharp executives twice in June. We think that all the possible cooperation in the Real Economy field is quite compatible. Let's expect the bright future coming soon, and change the world together. Again, thank you for coming today, and please keep supporting SHARP."

Over the past 100 years in creating high quality products that bring happiness and convenience to people on the planet, "Sharp" has made a number of innovative origins. The technology that transforms the world like "8K Ecosystem" stemmed from the strengths of many affiliates under the umbrella of Sharp. These advantages have been used for inventing and developing innovations that will change the world of human vision. Sharp will create even greater legend since the launch of Japan's first television in 1953. Sharp has been developing the latest generation of television technology for more than half a century. Sharp has committed to creating the "ultimate" television that can display the near reality of images with the large, ultra-slim monitor that gives up to 8K resolution to the world's beauty with extremely high definition. Its output is very close to what has been seen with the human eye, giving you a real sense of reality in front of you. It can also connect to other technologies to expand the range of capabilities to be used in a wide range of industries such as medical industry, security system and effective quality control in the industrial sector, etc.

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