Overseas Chinese Looking for their roots 2019

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LINFEN, China--17 Jun--Xinhua-AsiaNet/InfoQuest

Themed at "Finding roots of Yaodu, fulfilling dreams of China", the 2nd Culture and Tourism Festival of Yaodu was held at Yao Temple square of Yaodu district in Linfen from May 31st to June 5th. More than 100 overseas Chinese and representatives from 28 countries and regions gathered in Yaodu to feel the vitality of the ancient place.

At 9 am on June 1st, with the 4 rounds of drums and 9 bells, all the overseas Chinese stood in the sacrificial square of the Yao Mausoleum, and listened to the "Sacrifice of the Emperor Yao". After that, all the overseas Chinese and whole people bowed to the statue of Emperor Yao three times with great reverence.

"I come from Russia, my ancestral hometown is Hongtong Dahuaishu of Shanxi. During this journey of Yaodu, we concern about our homeland and hope it become better and better," Qiao Xiangpeng, director of the International Cultural Exchange Association of Overseas Chinese and President of the Russian Shanxi Chamber of Commerce, said emotionally.

"Emperor Yao built capital in Linfen where the Chinese civilization began. This visit to Linfen gives me a deeper sense of Shanxi culture and a deeper understanding of Yao culture. There will be a chance, being like a window for Shanxi culture to go out," said Dai Guoan, chairman of the Philippine Chinese association.

Located in south central of Shanxi, the district can date back to over 4,300 years. It was the era of Emperor Yao, who is the ancestor of civilization. Yao had built capital here, created calendars and spread it to the whole country. Also, he delimited nine states, harmonized all nations, digged wells to promote farming and established suggestion boxes. Moreover, he governed the country democratically abdicating and handed over the crown to another person and civilized the populace. It is regarded as the beginning age of Chinese civilization, which is called "piping days of peace".

According to historical records, from the beginning of the Western Jin Dynasty, every year on the 28th day of the fourth lunar month, there was a ceremony holding to sacrifice Yao at the place where Yao was born.

Thousands of years, the inheritors of Emperor Yao have been flowing the best-known words on this land, and left many precious resources of culture and tourism. For instance, Yao Temple, Yao Mausoleum, Xian dong gou and the ancient residence of Emperor Yao.

SOURCE: The Organizing Committee of the 2nd Culture and Tourism Festival of Yaodu
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