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Lifestyle Press Release : 21 Jan 2020

Robust drum beats underscore villager#s better life Lifestyle—21 Jan 20

As Chinese New Year draws near, drum beats are sounding louder at a village in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Bai Haiquan, a local villager, is one of the performers. As a new member to the village yangko performing group, he plays the

Pepsi deliver Prosperity in Chinese New Year of 2020 with Limited Edition Pepsi Chinese New Year Cola Pack Lifestyle—21 Jan 20

"Pepsi" cola beverage presents a limited edition of its 325 ml canned cola pack entitled "Pepsi Chinese New Year" to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year of 2020. A prosperous saying of "Gong Xi Fa Cai" will be more meaningful than ever with the

Turning a Hotel #Plastic-Free Lifestyle—21 Jan 20

The tipping point for Banyan Tree Samui might have been the 213,314 plastic bottles the resort passed out to guests in 2017. Or the 42,150 plastic bags they used to haul away trash that year. Or the 176,880 meters of cling film that they used to package