PTT grants 2017 Zero Accident and Eco-Driving Awards

Energy Press Releases Monday August 28, 2017 11:36
Bangkok--28 Aug--PTT

Accomplishing in fuel consuming reduction by 2.5 million liters/year and lessening greenhouse gas emission by 6,929 tons/year which is equivalent to plant 7,300 trees/year as well as taking on a campaign of car accidents reduction along with cultivating awareness of efficiently energy usage.

Mr.Tevin Vongvanich, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limitedpresided over the Ceremony of 2017 Zero Accident and Eco-Driving Awards at PTT headquarter. The PTT group Zero Accident Awards were granted to transportation contractors and drivers who followed the safety criteria in product transportation of PTT group while the Eco-Driving awards were granted to transportation contractors who could reduce energy usage as a PTT group's standard.

Mr.Tevin revealed that PTT group aimed to reduce accident sustainably through a concept of PTT safety along route which reminded drivers to drive safely and cautiously, moreover, to lessen greenhouse gas emission constantly by establishing a long term strategic plan called PTT Group Zero Logistics Accident and Eco-Driving Roadmap. As accidents were recorded at 0.07 time /1 million kilometer or every 15 million kilometers, accident occurred just only one time, PTT group has planned to cut a severe accident to 0 time or no accident occured in 1 million kilometers in 2021.

The "Fuel Saving Program" was initiated in 2014 and the success of driving energy efficiency was evaluated by comparing the ratio of fuel use, before and after joining the program. PTT group has set fuel saving goal up to 15% in 2018.

With a strong adherence in transportation safety management, PTT group tries its best to cut a severe accident to zero and promote a fuel saving program to the transportation contractors with regard to community, society and environment. It is a big step in creating a good quality of life together with environmental care for sustainability, closed by Mr. Tevin.

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