Konica Minolta Makes Debut of #Gas Monitoring System to Penetrate Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical Industries

Energy Press Releases Tuesday November 20, 2018 13:25
Bangkok--20 Nov--Core and Peak

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Thailand) Company Limited has recently introduced its brand-new 'Gas Monitoring System' in Secutech Thailand 2018 held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), as part of the intention to showcase its latest innovations of safety and security solutions. Reportedly, a great number of industrial and commercial entrepreneurs from various business fields have expressed their interest in the company's recent cutting-edge technology.

Konica Minolta's teams of researchers in Japan have successfully developed the Gas Monitoring System, a new monitoring solution for natural gas leaks, after understanding the importance of safety in petroleum refinery and petrochemical production plants. Admittedly, each accident is a tragedy that causes a heavy loss to the business and its surrounding environment. This highly advanced technology allows automated monitoring and detection of gas leaks, which can be performed by delivering a visible image and accident-related details, for instance, location, temperature, and density of gas leakage, to the control and monitoring unit, enabling the staff to speedily and efficiently deal with an existing situation. The Gas Monitoring System also helps minimize dependence on human as it requires highly specialized skills, but still remains at risk of negligence and malpractice.

Currently, there are seven petroleum refinery plants in Thailand, with the average production capacity of 1.235 million barrels per day, ranked second in the ASEAN region behind Singapore. This has encouraged the petrochemical industry to grow continuously and Konica Minolta is overseeing its potential and possibility of penetrating this influential market.

Konica Minolta's Gas Monitoring System is special with the Far Infrared (FIR) sensor technology that helps detect leaks with real-time reporting system, in which the required information will be displayed on the computer screen. There are two types of Gas Monitoring System, including:

Fixed-Type Gas Monitoring – consists of two key components, a camera and a camera control box. The fixed-type gas monitoring system can permanently be wall-mounted or installed at a certain location of any construction and is highly resistant to explosion. With 24-hour automatic leak detection, this sophisticated technology can ensure effective monitoring and the highest safety for significant areas, supported by its warning alert triggered before or during the occurrence of any untoward incident. Aside from a long-term data analysis and a sequential maintenance process, the system can efficiently be operated with other security programs. The main target of the fixed-type gas monitoring system varies in petroleum refinery plants, gas separation plants, and factories with gas and chemical emission taken place during the production process.

Portable-Type Gas Monitoring – comprises of three important components, including a camera, a camera tripod, and the so-called 'Industrial Tablet'. These portable devices will be used to automatically detect a leak at a certain area, where the result of repair can be reported shortly afterwards. Also, this new technology allows the required data to be saved on the SD card. The portable-type gas monitoring system is ideal for quality and standard inspection service providers as well as those dealing with environmental safety and maintenance services.

In the event, Konica Minolta has also introduced 'MOBOTIX' IP camera empowered by the 'Real Time, Real Experience' concept aiming to meet all business requirements. Obviously, MOBOTIX technology is not only developed for surveillance and monitoring purposes, but it also helps enhance business operations and work processes backed by the optimization of limited resources. According to the company, this newly evolved IP camera helps prevent operational errors, ensuring that all businesses can be managed wisely and efficiently. There are three major reasons why this innovative IP camera can be ideal for several businesses.

Firstly, the brand-new MOBOTIX IP camera possesses an internal processing unit with data storage on the SD card. This helps save costs as no investments on high-specification and overpriced servers.

Secondly, the IP camera is featured with an IP video security program known as 'MX Manager', where real-time incidents can be monitored by an unlimited amount of cameras. It can also be used to analyze the direction or motion of a suspicious person or object without requiring any copyright payment or extra charge.

Thirdly, inspired by the 'Made in Germany' reputation, the MOBOTIX IP camera possesses reliable strength and can tolerate a range of weather conditions in accordance with the IP66 and IP65 standards. Also, some particular models of this simple-to-use IP camera are bulletproof, ensuring a low malfunction rate and proven durability of up to 5-7 years.

Konica Minolta will continue to develop a comprehensive range of innovative products and services, as part of the ambitious goal to provide the highest safety and security for everyone.

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