NGV Marketplace a prototype of the strategic plan for smart agricultural under Thailand 4.0

Energy Press Releases Wednesday March 6, 2019 11:10
Bangkok--6 Mar--PTT

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), the 21st Infantry Regiment, Royal Queen's Guard and Bansuan Town Municipality Mueang District, Chonburi Province jointly develop the strategic plan to raise agricultural 4.0 to help solve the agricultural market problems. This program is targeted toward market production and promoting the digital economy of the country while focusing on the importance of development and upgrading the agricultural level to meet the needs of consumers.

Today (6 March 2019) at PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Mr. Luck Wajananawat, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Mr. Anan Suwannarat, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Energy, Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, President & Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Col. Chaiprakarn Pimjinda, 21st lnfantry Regiment Queen's Guard Executive Officer and Dr. Jakkawan Tangprakob, Mayor of Bansuan Town Municipality join together in the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation agreement of NGV Marketplace Project in accordance with the strategic plan to raise Thailand's agricultural 4.0. The main intention is to develop distribution channels for agricultural products through NGV service stations and be the driving force of promoting digital economy on information system to help raise agricultural level throughout the country.

Mr. Anan Suwannarat, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said that the important missions is to drive society and communities to firmly uphold the standard of agriculture according to the market policy of applying digital as a mechanism to drive Thailand agriculture toward 4.0 while creating public acceptance. The main purpose is to raise the level of Smart Agricultural (Phra Phirun Strategy) set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The corporation between all 4 parties is an initiative to create the infrastructure network that supports for transportation, warehousing and product linkage between producers and consumers throughout the region. Starting from Ban Bueng, Muang District in the Chonburi Province which is the pilot area where the agricultural products will be distributed to the 21st Infantry Regiment, Royal Queen's Guard and factories and schools in Bansuan Town Municipality. NGV service station is set as a focal point for agricultural products distribution meanwhile safety, standardized and certified agricultural products can be track through the production process by using digital technology. This important tool is an aid to certify the process in accordance with the quality control and product matching so that farmers can easily access the central marketplace and governmental service. Altogether, Thai agricultural sector will be upgraded to digital utilization, market access restrictions will be reduced as well as an economic cycle will be created based on the market mechanism of agricultural products. Therefore, the agricultural market competition will be fair to the economy and society of Thailand according to the 20 years national strategy goal.

Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Energy, said that according to the policy to move the country forward by using civil state strategy, the power of the public sector would combine with business sector and government in solving economic and social problems. Altogether, the power of cooperation can be a driving force to develop local community in order to make the nation prosperous and sustainable. The Ministry of Energy, have taken a part on various projects incorporation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and PTT Public Company Limited, to develop agricultural distribution channels to reach consumers in various areas thus, leading to a more flexible, faster and vast distribution channels of the agricultural products which is able to meet consumer needs more efficiently.

Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, President & Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), said that this cooperation was significant to the development and upgrading the quality farmer's well-being. This prototype of Smart Agricultural is the initiative of trading and distributing products to create a mechanism to develop the use of Digital Platform. This way consumers can be persuaded to choose quality and safe agricultural products which leads to the development of the country toward stability, prosperity and sustainability which also in line with PTT's 3P – People Planet and Prosperity operation principle. That promise to care for the society, community, environment, along with promoting national economic progress.

As for the cooperation, PTT is committed to promote and strengthening agricultural products through integration in all sectors including communities, farmers, markets, trade, government agencies and transportation. The agricultural products will be distributed through NGV service stations as well as being a focal point for collecting and selling agricultural products. This model of a marketplace in the NGV station can be extended to other area besides service station according to suitable factors, and other products whether processed agricultural products or handicraft of the community.

Col. Chaiprakarn Pimjinda, 21st lnfantry Regiment Queen's Guard Executive Officer, said that on behalf of the 21st Infantry Regiment, Royal Queen's Guard, we saw the importance of farmer's sustainable income and hoping to help improve their well-being, reducing inequality and enhance agricultural sustainability. We purchase agricultural products from the NGV Marketplace prototype project at a reasonable price for 1,000 troops within the 21st Infantry Regiment, Royal Queen's Guard. Thus, enable the troops to consume quality and healthy agricultural products for which help them to become an importance force for the nation.

Dr. Jakkawan Tangprakob, Mayor of Bansuan Town Municipality, said that Bansuan Town Municipality has always focus on encouraging the incomes and benefits for the community and society continuously. Therefore, by cooperating in the NGV Marketplace project, we encourage schools in the area to buy quality agricultural products as raw material to make lunch for student in a reasonable price. The plan is to target at 10 schools, which has more than 5,000 students. These would help reduce price fluctuations and raise farmer well-being as well as improving the Thai's economy to be sustainable. Moreover, students will enjoy quality agricultural products more.

"PTT is set to support the NGV Marketplace project, encouraging farmers to improve their income and living standard through expanding distribution channels. Moreover, if the project should reach its objectives and goals PTT will consider expanding the project towards 10 others locations. Allowing the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to invites other organizations and interested investors to join-in the project in the form of Free Franchise. We aim to develop products and services to meet the needs of consumers more effectively. We want to grow alongside with the society and community and be ready to take part in helping Thai people to improve the quality of life." said Mr. Chansin.

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