CKP implements intensive measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus for Power Plants in both Thailand and Lao PDR

Energy Press Releases Wednesday March 25, 2020 10:17
Bangkok--25 Mar--CK Power
Generate Power Supply for the Upcoming Summer
as usual
Mr Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director of
CK Power Public Company Limited (CKPower), or "CKP" in SET, revealed that due to the pandemic of
the corona virus infection (COVID-19) that
has spread around the world with the ongoing increase of infection in Thailand,
CKPower reaffirms that power plants under the responsibility of the Company,
both in Lao PDR and in Thailand, namely the Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Plant,
Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant, Bangpa-in Cogeneration Power Plant 1 (BIC-1) and Plant 2 (BIC-2) and Bangkhenchai
Solar Power Plant, will
to generate electricity for the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and
Electricite du Lao (EdL) at full capacity without any impact from the
current situation.
However, in order to intercept and prevent the
spread of COVID-19 as well as for the
safety of employees at head office and power plant area, both in Thailand and
Lao PDR, the Company has issued guidelines in accordance with the announcement
of the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand and the Lao PDR consisting of the
measures to be implemented in the power plant area as well as those for the
safety of the employees as stated below.
The measures in the power plant area are not
limited to the following; defining the power plant areas of the Company as the
restricted area with strictly limited access. Whilst working, if any employee has a body
temperature exceeding 37.5
degrees Celsius, fever, cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, shortness of
breath, or a cold, he/she must visit a doctor
immediately. Restricted entry-exit of third parties, only in case of an
emergency and when it is necessary, the power plant manager has to consider on
a case by case basis. Once approved, a
physical examination of the visitor by the power plant doctor must be first
conducted. And lastly, all
employees must strictly refrain from assembling for any type of activity within
the power plant.
The measures for employees including contract
employees and regular contractors who work in the Company’s area as well as all employees in subsidiary
companies are listed as follows.
1. No
traveling abroad allowed for either business or personal purposes, and previously approved leave for travel shall
be cancelled.
2. In
case of employees having obtained special case approval to travel abroad, or in
case of any close contact of
employees especially family members (living
together) who travels back from
abroad, employees must report to the supervisor and the Human Resources
Department immediately and start to work from home (WFH)
for 14 days. In this regard, health
reports must be submitted to the supervisor and the Human Resources Department
on daily basis for 14 straight days since the day such employees start WFH. Medical certificate shall also be provided to
the Company at least 1 day prior to returning to work.
3. In
the event that any employee has been in close contact with those infected with
COVID-19 and those at risk,
such as people who recently returned from abroad, those with travel history or
in the area of epidemic, he/she
must notify the supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately and
start to work from home (WFH). Health reports must also be submitted to the
supervisor and the Human Resources Department for 14 straight days from the
date of notification to work from home.
4. In
the event that any employee has any respiratory illnesses such as fever, cough
or cold, he/she must notify the
supervisor and stay at home or see a doctor immediately. And if any employee who is in the high risk
group or the doctor considers he/she
needs to be tested for the COVID-19
virus, notify the supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately.
5. Pregnant
staff and those with congenital disease and at risk of serious illness if they get infected must start to work from home.
6. For
those who have been screened and endorsed by the hospital to undergo a COVID-19 test or been informed of COVID-19 infection and require treatment, the Company
would provide reimbursement in the full amount as a special case (In addition to the budget for normal medical
welfare benefits which still can be reimbursed as the Company’s policy).
7. Employees
must disclose all information regarding previous travel records, contacts, or
close contacts with COVID-19
patients and keep the Company informed.
8. All
employees need to refrain from
organizing and participating in sports and social gathering activities.
9. Contract
employees and regular contractors who work in the Company’s and subsidiary companies’ area must strictly comply with the above-mentioned measures in the same manner as the
Company’s normal employees.
Mr Thanawat said that at this time, the Company
has begun to allow 70% of our employees to
work from home while another 30% will
take turn to work from home as the Company aims to reduce the infection risk to
employees and their families according to the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
so as not to affect the electricity generation of all power plants. Apart from this, all employees will have their body temperature checked upon entering
the building and must wear a protective mask at all time while working.
Company reaffirms that all power plants under CKPower group will continue to generate electricity for the people
in Thailand and Lao PDR during this summer season when demand is high. In this regard, CKPower would like to convey
our highest regard and appreciation to all Thai and Lao public health officers,
doctors and nurses who are working hard during this difficult period to stop
the spreading of COVID-19 and the Company is
ready to fully cooperate with the government in order to overcome this crisis
together," Mr. Thanawat added.

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