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Properties Press Release : 27 Oct 2017

#Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. No.6 I 24(2) from direct experience of #Architectural Profession Please select #One Voice of Young Thai Architect in Architect Council of Thailand Election60 Properties—27 Oct 17

"Visionary" to push forward "Thai Architect" to go ahead by "Impartiality" Over the past 16 years in direct experienced in 'Architectural Profession' in Thailand and abroad of 'Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D.' one of 'Thai Well Known Architect' and one of

No. 1 of #Condominium Model Making Service deliver all around the country by delicate craftsman accepted from every level of entrepreneurs Properties—27 Oct 17

From Experience more than 15 years ago in 'Condominium Model Making Service' developed from handcraft through industry. The service of 'Pattana Professional' has accepted from entrepreneurs such as house builder company, real estate company, design firm