#Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. No.6 I 24(2) from direct experience of #Architectural Profession Please select #One Voice of Young Thai Architect in Architect Council of Thailand Election60

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Bangkok--27 Oct--Pattana Professional

"Visionary" to push forward "Thai Architect" to go ahead by "Impartiality" Over the past 16 years in direct experienced in 'Architectural Profession' in Thailand and abroad of 'Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D.' one of 'Thai Well Known Architect' and one of 'Architect Council of Thailand Applicant in 'No.6' Type 24(2): Ordinary Member who work as a professor in higher education degree institute. Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. like volunteer to be a 'New generation architect' and 'Generation X agent' - who was born in between 1965 to 1979 - going to work as 'Architect Council of Thailand Committee' for improve 'Thai Architect Society'. I have a driving force and willpower to bring knowledge from direct experienced more than 16 years in private sector and public sector as well as profession and academic to develop our architectural society.

Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. pass experienced to every type building design and master planning more than 100 projects in Bangkok and all around the country. Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D.'s projects have known by every level of entrepreneurs. Nowadays Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. ready to work in 'Public Stage' for combined 'Thai Architect Society' for progress at the same time in every branch and every institute and push highest forward 'Thai Architectural Profession' to get in to national stage and international stage.

Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. was born in 14th October 1977 (Nick name is Mek). Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. graduated Bachelor Degree in Architecture at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi in 2000 and Master Degree in Urban Planning at Chulalongkorn University in 2004 as well as Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science at Kasetsart University in 2015. Nowadays Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. is a senior advisor of Pattana Professional Co., Ltd. and lecturer of Faculty of Architecture, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi and adjunct lecturer of Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University. Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. has a licensed architect in architecture in chartered architect level and urban architecture in professional architect level.

Former time become to be a professional architect like today, Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. started work as architect after graduated in private sector at 'Gable Architect Co., Ltd.' in between 2001-2002 and shift to work at government sector as architect 5 at 'Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand' in between 2004-2007 after shift level from associated architect to professional architect and has a closed up relation with Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) officer in construction permission process bring come through strongly believed. After that, Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. leaved to established own architectural company names 'Pattana Professional Co., Ltd.' - The company is an architectural firm that collaborated with Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) officers as a backup, The company has started in 2008 to service in 'Every Type Building Design include construction permission'. After the company has stable, Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. has go to study doctoral degree in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) field and divided time to teach architectural students at Faculty of Architecture, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi and environmental students at Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University give return to society together with professional work.

Example of well-known projects of Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. in 1) Condominium Design such as The Raffles Condominium (Ladprao 42/1), The Classy Condominium (Ratchadapisek 19), Plus Condominium (Krathu, Phuket), Bhukitta Airport Condominium (Sakhu, Phuket), The Landscape Condominium (Sangjan, Rayong), The Landscape Executive Condominium (Sangjan, Rayong), The Cache Condominium (Lamlukka-Klong 2) 2) Serviced Apartment Design such as CV12 The Residence (Sukhumvit 53), Bamboo for Rest Apartment (Sukhumvit 52), The Tripple Oaks Apartment (Sukhumvit 33), Big Tree Residence (Bangpleenives) 3) Apartment Design such as The Proud Residence (Ladprao 18), Bangna 21 Residence (Bangna-Trad 19 Junction 8) Peaberry Place Apartment (Ladprao 1 Junction 10) 4) Dormitory such as The Star Apartment, Muang Ake 5) School such as Winitsuksa School 2 (Pho Kaw Ton, Lopburi) and etc.

From example of the past projects, 'Serviced Apartment of Japanese who live in Thailand' of Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. is well known brand for Japanese who ever visited in Thailand in functions of room and facility that almost Japanese victors gossip to many Japanese in Japan 'The serviced apartment of Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. design such as CV12 The Residence (Sukhumvit 52) and The Tripple Oaks Apartment (Sukhumvit 33) can simulate Japanese lifestyle functions similar to live in Japan' Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. architect has selected from 'Living & Design Organizer' and guaranteed by Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce to exhibited in 'Living & Design 2016, Osaka – Nanko, ATC Hall', Osaka in between 12th-14th October 2016

In 2017 from compatible functional design of apartment for foreigner by Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. architect. The apartment design of Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. has accepted form many 'Arabs' exactly 'United Arab Emirates' peoples who ever live in Thailand near to BTS sky train line such as Bamboo for Rest Apartment (Sukhumvit 52) and tourist city as Phuket such as Plus Condominium (Kathu, Phuket) and Bhukitta Airport Condominium (Sakhu, Phuket). Department of Interantional Trade Promotion (DITP) has selected Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. again to exhibit in business matching event supporting 'World Expo 2020 Dubai' at Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel, Dubai in between 10th-14th September 2017

Please trust in a potential of 'Young Thai Architect' who understand a characteristic of architectural profession by direct experience come to work for every members by not separate group by partisan. It brings come through the transform of the architectural society. It is a good time of Architect Council of Thailand (ACT) for build a 'Young blood Architect' for motivate the society to go ahead. Please open way to 'Young Thai Architect' to work in the parliament of architect.

The linkage of vision can search in http://www.act.or.th/th/news/info.php?id=1266

For the interesting members who can take a partnership in professional and academic with Pattana Suwansumrit, Ph.D. can contact by Cell Phone 086 610 5282 (In Thailand) and +66 86 610 5282 (From Abraod) and E Mail Pattanapro20@gmail.com

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