Gyproc rolls out ISOVER Building Insulation to reduce energy losses and transmission of impact noise

Real Estate Press Releases Thursday September 13, 2018 14:17
Bangkok--13 Sep--Vivaldi Integrated Public Relations

Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the first gypsum manufacturer in Thailand and innovator of the leading brand "Gyproc", has introduced "ISOVER Building Insulation", the latest innovative thermal insulation and acoustic product, available in 5 cm. thickness. ISOVER provides high levels of acoustic insulation in partitions, walls and ceiling to meet installation requirements in residential and non-residential buildings. It also ensures the preservation of a pleasant temperature inside so occupants are best insulated from extreme heat.

ISOVER Building Insulation's semi-rigid boards are manufactured from stable glass bonded with thermosetting resins which are not hazardous to health. They are capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures encountered in applications of GypWall System or in concealed ceiling.

ISOVER Building Insulation offers a large range of thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation solutions meeting all of the technical requirements for different applications in residential and non-residential buildings (for new build and renovation). It is designed to be the optimum density for effectively dampening sound and reducing its transfer between walls and floors. It's also available in thicknesses and widths which are appropriate for residential applications, ensuring effective performance and easier to install solutions. The insulation is an environmentally friendly product which is made from abundantly available, non-strategic materials like sand and up to 80% recycled glass.

Sylvain Bredin, Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, said, "ISOVER offers products and systems for thermal and acoustic insulation, and for fire protection in buildings, with occupants' comfort and well-being, and environmental protection, at the heart of its concerns. Today's average family home can often be a rather loud environment – something which housebuilders should consider when designing and specifying for residential properties. Cooling homes can be one of the largest household costs these days, and the best way of reducing this cost and enhancing acoustic performance is with a more efficient, better insulated home. A number of Thai homes still have not been retrofitted with insulation, as owners tend to consider it either difficult to install or is expensive. However, ISOVER Building Insulation can improve their living comfort by offering superior acoustic performance and excellent thermal performance, and it is easy to install and serves as a great value upgrade for home or office."

ISOVER Building Insulation plays a major role in reducing the transmission of airborne sound from one room to another, and features in internal wall systems that offer acoustic performance with a Standard Test Condition up to 65 (depending on the installation of the gypsum system). When used between a property's joists, the product will also significantly dampen noise transference between floors, ensuring comfort for occupants on different levels. It acts as a filter between interior and exterior climates, and effectively retards heat transfer for reduced energy costs.

Incorporating acoustic and thermal insulation at the specification stage can make a significant improvement in terms of creating a quiet, peaceful, ecologically minded environment for building users.
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