i-Store Self Storage, the leader of the premium Self-Storage service provider in Thailand, aims to enter the Self Storage market, targeting the launch of 3 branches within next year with the focus in the CBD

Real Estate Press Releases Friday September 14, 2018 13:31
Bangkok--14 Sep--Work Link da Agency

i-Store Self Storage, the leader of the premium Self-Storage service provider in Thailand, aims to enter the Self Storage market, targeting the launch of 3 branches within next year with the focus in the CBD, achieving the revenue of 50 million baht, and the market share of 30%. Recently, it has joined hands with Sansiri to provide the storage service to Sansiri's residents. It also has a preparation for franchise sales, as its revenue expansion, which will be clearly acknowledged in this October. The capital raising on the online platform is expected to be executed within this year.

Mr. Pakdee Anivat, CEO and Founder of Storage Asia Co., Ltd., the leader of the premium Self-Storage service provider in Thailand disclosed that the present overview of the Self-Storage business in Thailand had started to be recognized and received more popularity following the Bangkokians' lifestyle i.e. living in the city area and the Self-Storage demand from the online merchants and other businesses.

The Company has evaluated the overall market of the Self-Storage market in 2018 to have a good growth due to the expansion of the property sector. Meanwhile, the present market of the storage area in Thailand has the total space of around 15,000 square meters and the market value is expected to increase to around 400,000 square meters within the next 5 years. However, the Company's approximate storage space is at 2,500 square meters and it aims to achieve the market share of 30%.

The Company has the marketing activity to introduce the service of "i-Store" to customers who own houses and condominiums, and to groups of business owners. The two branches were launched in Silom and Sukhumvit 24. In addition, the Company will expand its operations with aggressive marketing strategy with next year's target to launch 3 i-Store branches across Bangkok within the CBD area, expecting to achieve the total revenue of around 50 million baht.

This year's marketing plan of the Company focuses on strengthen the confidence of the i-Store brand among consumers as well as to build the awareness of the economic value upon choosing high quality and safety storage room, according to the slogan, "Your Loved Belongings, Our Caring". The Company's storage services consist of 4 services: personal storage, business storage, wine storage, and BOX STORAGE with the storage room's sizes ranging from 0.5 sq. m. to 18 sq. m., and the prices of the 4 services ranging from 900 – 20,000 baht per month.

"i-Store's marketing activity focuses on customers living in condominiums located in the city, online merchants, and offices. The strategy is not to win the sales volume in the market, but it aims to help the city people with more living spaces within the residential areas. The locations of the storage rooms are very easy to commute with the nearby BTS. They are facilitated with quality facilitation, 24-hour secured environment, fire prevention system, keycard for entering-leaving the building and for scanning into the elevator to one's own floor only, lighting control system, and ventilators and lighting censoring. The customers can access to their belongings any time throughout 24 hours and every day with one keycard," said Mr. Pakdee.

In addition, with the cooperation with a property developer, as a partner, the Company continues to expand its customer base. I-Store has joined hands with Sansiri Pcl., to enhance Sansiri's residents' living experience through i-Store service Sansiri application, HOME SERVICE 2.0, on the feature of SANSIRI MOVE-IN EXPERIENCE to the MOVING group by providing the Self-Storage service, and to the EASY LIVING group by providing Wine Storage service with special offers to Sansiri's residents. It is expected that the campaign will receive good response from Sansiri's residents since i-Store will help increase living spaces within their houses or condominiums.

Mr. Pakdee added that the Company had a plan to expand its business to the franchise system of which the investment strategy and details are under development. It is expected that the franchise sales would be commenced within quarter 4 of this year. At present, the Company had started to provide information to many interested persons who were either familiar with the office building rental and had sources of funds, or inexperienced with assets and wanted to join the business through the franchise system.

The Company has prepared for the capital raising in the Stock Exchange of Thailand via the LiVE platform, which is in the form of Cloud Funding, and the Over The Counter (OTC) trading, which is the off-market system where the negotiation is mutually made between the investors while the payment and the settlement are performed off the market's system. The conclusion of the capital raising will be made within this year.

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