Asset World Retail and top brands to launch #Gateway at Bangsue, a shopping mall that will #Fulfill Your Everyday Life on this November 30.

Real Estate Press Releases Thursday October 4, 2018 15:36
Bangkok--4 Oct--4D Communications

Mr. Napat Chareonkul, Head of Retail Group, Asset World Retail under Asset World Corporation (TCC Group), and Manager of the Gateway at Bangsue Shopping Center, revealed that thanks to the company's experiences in managing many shopping centers, the Asset World Retail Group was ready to launch Gateway at Bangsue, the latest commercial center in the style of a community mall. Scheduled to be officially launched on Friday November 30, the project Gateway at Bangsue had undergone a thorough study and research to prepare for its construction, and it was found that Bang Sue is an area with great potentials in terms of economy, transportation, education, as well as the population and newcomers who are steadily moving in in a large number. The area within a radius of 5-6 km from the shopping center covers 5 districts in the North Bangkok – Bang Sue, Dusit, Bang Phlat, Chatuchak, and Phayathai – and 2 districts of Nonthaburi province, which are the city of Nonthaburi and Bang Kruai district, with a total population of over 606,000. These residents also possess high purchasing power with approximately 70,000 baht monthly income per household. As an ever-growing traditional trade center of the North Bangkok, the area is considered a thriving business hub exploding with opportunities for the company to develop a retail business.

"The district of Bang Sue is a strategic location for commerce and a business center of northern Bangkok, surrounded by important places and various economic resources, including 14 government agencies, the new parliament building where people contact with many government agencies each day, over 10 nationally well-known office buildings, each with tens of thousands of employees who are high-spending shoppers, 23 prestigious schools and universities, 5 large hospitals, and not to mention 30,000 units in 18 housing projects by leading real estate companies. In addition, Bang Sue is designated Thailand's largest transportation hub and is set to become a new Central Business District (CBD) of Bangkok. The development of Bang Sue central railway station will become a development model for other railway station vicinities and for the implementation of a new urban development in the area around the high-speed railway station, which will further render the real estate projects in the area more attractive and easier to promote. This is a positive sign for both residential and commercial projects, and with higher traffic in the area, it is also ideal for a shopping center," said Mr. Napat Chareonkul.

Moreover, the area is connected with a complete transportation network and a Link Gate Hub of two expressways (Prachachuen Expressway and Si Rat Expressway), 4 public bus lines, 3 public piers, 2 MRT lines (the purple line and the blue line extension) and the Bang Sue railway to make travel more convenient and attract more people to the area. The above factors constitute a great business opportunity to launch the center, which will be able to meet and fulfill the needs of Bang Sue people.

"Regarding the competition in the retail business in Bangkok and its vicinities as well as other major economic cities, we believe that the competitive atmosphere will continue over the next 1-2 years, so entrepreneurs need to build a business that is different and has a potential to respond to customer needs. The investment in large cities is still interesting with niche markets to fill in thanks to the expansion of tourism, which is a magnet for investors. The company will focus on adding unique characteristics and new features to the retail business in Thailand, such as the use of a community market model that offers a balanced mixture between large and small tenants to catch the attention of target customers and maintain it for a long-term growth. It is equally crucial to develop a more diversified shopping center to fulfill customer needs and respond to the local in the area and nearby, giving them a place to have a quality time with families, loved ones, or even with themselves and to easily create good moments in each day while staying close to home or work," added Mr. Napat Chareonkul.

Mr. Napol Pornsomboon, Head of Business Plan and Customer Strategy, said that Gateway at Bangsue, with the investment budget of 4 billion baht, has over 10 Rais of land and a utility space of over 95,000 SQ.Ms, including 11 floors, a parking space for 1,100 cars, and a rental space of 39,000 SQ.Ms enough for around 400 stores. Currently, 95% of the space has been rented out, and over 90% of the construction has been completed. The target customers are families, working people, and students living in the Bang Sue area and nearby in which represent "Simple, Complete, Fun and Friendly". The mall is created with the concept "Fulfill Your Everyday Life" to provide a variety of products that answer every need of the target consumers. The commercial space is divided into zones with each own character. In the Urban Market Zone, shoppers can enjoy the vibe of a fresh market but with an enhanced standard of service. They can find kitchen utensils, daily consumer products, and all kinds of sweet or savory food at Take Home. The Everyday Fashion Zone gathers items from fashion brands, whether clothing, sportswear, shoes, bags, and cosmetics. In the Fast Fashion Brand Zone, shoppers can select items from many top brands to fit their own styles. The Urbano Zone will update customers with fashion trends from the fashion world to make dressing up even more fun, or they can browse for products and services in home decor, spend time in bookshops, and receive banking and IT services at the Lifestyle Living Zone. There are also the Lifestyle Dining Zone where diners can enjoy delightful meals from a host of famous restaurants, the Play & Learn Zone, where knowledge and fun combine to stimulate creativity for people of all ages, and they can take courses in many tutorial schools there, the Kids Zone created specially for kids and schoolchildren, the Office Zone offering rental space for offices, working people, and start-ups, and the Entertainment Zone, which features 6 movie theaters totaling 1,450 seats, games, services, and a 24-hour fitness center for health lovers.

Our highlight shops must me mentioned are Big C Foodplace, Major Cineplex, Home Pro S, The Power Life, Habor Land, Jetts Fitness, Fan Festa, Uniqlo, H&M, AIIZ, Beautrium, Sport World, Watsons, BBQ Plaza, KFC, Orca, Santa Fe, ShabuShi, Sukiya, Time&Tales, Umi by Tohkai, Tum Mour, Yamazaki, Kasikorn Bank, Thanachart Bank and more to fulfill whatever customers need and wish for.

"The goal is to make Gateway at Bangsue a shopping center in the mind of customers, able to respond to lifestyle needs of people in the Bang Sue and Bang Po area, make them feel as if it were their second home so that they can come to receive services from us on any conveniences. It is a place for relaxation that also fills the city life with numerous and valuable services. We have indoor and outdoor activity spaces where everyone can join free. Thai and foreign restaurant chains are also available to please different food lifestyles of all customers. We would like to see it become a center of fun with a playground where children and adults can play, enjoy watching movies in our cinema, and keep fit with a 24-hour fitness facility. I believe that Gateway at Bangsue will fulfill all needs of customers of all ages," said Mr. Napol Pornsomboon.

Ms. Kanyaphas Vichitpannagul, Head of Marketing, added that in terms of marketing strategies, the company has been communicating to customers both offline and online to create awareness, and doing CSR activities with Sor So Volunteer Foundation to establish a close and friendly relationship with local people, and to integrate the shopping center as a part of the local family. Troops and road shows are sent to important areas to introduce the center to the target audience.

"On the official opening day of Gateway at Bangsue Shopping Center, all customers are invited to have a great time under the concept "Family Fun," the home-based fun that expresses our characteristic as a shopping center with products and services that can meet the needs of people of all ages. We prepare some performances by actors and actresses which represent five life styles: Matthew and Lydia, representatives of new generation families, Weir, representative of health lovers, Mai Davikah, representative of the fashion line, and the 2 brothers, representatives of the food and fun lifestyle, and a mini concert from J. Jetrin. Another big project we have prepared is a giant gift box where customers of the shopping center or anyone who participates in the event can donate things, which will be made into a gift of happiness to be given to Sor So children at the end of the year with Sor So Volunteer Foundation. There will also be special promotions such as discounts, redemptions, giveaways, and free items from participating shops. We also provide media support for television channels, outdoor media, and online media to create a positive brand image, awareness, and to create many more activities throughout December, which will result in the increasing traffic at our shopping center," concluded Ms. Kanyaphas Vichitpannagul,.

After the official launch, Gateway at Bangsue will organize entertainment activities to keep the lively vibe up until the New Year, including
  • December 1 – 2, be ready for an exciting live action show from Power Ranger Dino Force Brave Show. Enjoy a live action show with fascinating light and sound techniques directly from Japan, meet characters in the newest stage scene, including the first visit of Masked Rider V1 in Thailand, and see rare Rangers toy collections. All is free throughout the event. Customers can also find copyrighted products at the best prices, and with the purchase of 1,000 baht worth of products, customers can take part in a lucky draw to claim up to 700 prizes.
  • December 3 – 9, meet Sugar Paradise, a full concert from the hottest girl group 'BNK48.' All fans and 'Otas' are welcomed to many exclusive activities at the event.
  • December 10 – 16, join us at the Kon Koh Festival, flash back to the time where people follow "Rock and Roll". Learn the way they eat and have fun as well as special zone for anyone to join and get the feeling of being part of that era.
  • December 14 – 31, have some drinks at the Beer Fest in front of the shopping center, and be entertained by performances from many artists such as Lipta, Stamp Apiwat, Ben Chalatit, and Pop Pongkool.
  • December 17 – 23, shop for gifts at the Gift Fest, the festival of chic products with cool ideas, and win a chance to receive special gifts from the event and have a Meet & Greet with famous artists as a pre - New Year gift.
  • December 21 – 25, join the Christmas Celebration to welcome the festival of happiness. Say hi to Santa Clause and his wonderful parade "The Wonder Wood Christmas," the first and only 10-meter Christmas tree in Thailand. Be amazed with the magical ambiance and decoration in the theme of a Giant Music Box, and cute and cartoon characters made of wood.
  • December 24 – 31, let's shop at the Craft Fest, find handmade products at the event, have a walk and talk with skilled craftsmen, appreciate handcrafted works, and find your inner peace of mind.

In addition to the activities above to create communication and support shops in the center, the center also provides a shuttle bus service from MRT Tao Poon to Gateway @Bang Sue every day from 10.00 - 20.00, plus another pick up point at SCG between 11.30 am and 2.00 pm and 5 pm - 6 pm. on weekdays (Monday - Friday).

This is a proof of the readiness of the management team and staff to become a part of the Bang Sue family and to ensure that Gateway @Bang Sue will bring happiness to customers and the surrounding areas.
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