Visiting SCG Office: Digitalized Workplace that Brings Happiness and Employees Innovative Motivations

Real Estate Press Releases Monday October 8, 2018 14:42
Bangkok--8 Oct--SCG

Aside from joining a strong-growth company that delivers the future needs and having opportunities to take challenging work, the vital aspects the young generation consider when it comes to choosing a workplace is undeniably a motivated work environment and a healthy lifestyle.

SCG is one of the leading regional organizations that focuses on incorporating innovation and sustainability to elevate standards of living, society, and environment. It has intimately committed to nurturing employees who are the most essential resource and the most valuable asset to the organization by consistently improving office facilities to fuel creativity in delivering the customers' solutions as well as creating a healthy work-life balance.

SCG has recently hosted "SCG Open House" at SCG Head Office in Bang Sue, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of SCG employee's motivating spirits in developing innovative products, services, and solutions. Open House visitors experienced a friendly and welcoming workplace atmosphere with green space, energy-saving lifestyle, healthcare promotion and the use of technology to facilitate a smooth work-life blend.

The company has empowered employees to develop innovative products, services and solutions with their passion both in their departments and internal startup incubation program to bring about new business models that exceed the demands in the digital era. Co-working spaces are provided in different office spots to extend work freedom and flexibility as employees can work with corporate laptops anytime anywhere. Furthermore, SCG occasionally invited experts of many fields from Thailand and overseas to share insights and experiences to employees.

To simplify the lifestyle of the employees, SCG embraces technologies to offer a streamlined office process with a mobile application "Employee Connect." The app not only allows employees to check available parking spots, the real-time length of the queue at the canteen, health welfare benefits, leave days, provident fund, and allowance through HR Chatbot but also enable them to seek a pay slip, employment certification and use employee's phonebook effortlessly anywhere anytime.

To help make errands in a fast-paced life easier, SCG employees can use "Box24," the 24/7 smart locker that offers laundry delivery service, parcel delivery, online shopping, personal storage, and bill payment. Besides, the company encourages a Cashless Society by bringing cashless payment "QR Code Payment" to canteens and coffee shops in the office area where no-change problems and forgetting wallet situation are no longer issues.

Another aspect, apart from a comfortable work and life blend, is good health. SCG built a Health Center in its Head Office to provide integrated care services to employees. The physical well-being of employees can stay firm with a leading fitness center equipped with modern fitness equipment and a variety of workout classes. The fitness center is open at 5.00 am on weekdays, the period that suits employee's before and after work. The fitness center also opens on weekends. Furthermore, the company also offers broad-ranging healthcare services from common ailments to complex ones by a team of doctors and nurses from Ramathibodi hospital.

The last but not least aspect is the environmental quality promotion. Aside from the green space with a variety of plants on top of Green Building office, SCG also encourages the use of alternative clean energy and public transportation. It presents battery electric shuttle buses within the Head Office and reserved parking spots for Eco-Car as well as an EV charging station for electric cars including the solar cell panels on a pond and office buildings to generate power used in the office.

All of the above reflect SCG's efforts to endow young people with the passion to be more productive and effective at work while creating values for customers and stakeholders along with achieving better environmental sustainability.

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