MQDC launches the latest highlight at the heart of the CBD Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit with a rare location at the center of Asoke and a stunning view over Benjakitti Park under the concept Own the rare

Real Estate Press Releases Wednesday October 31, 2018 13:43
Bangkok--31 Oct--Polyplus PR

MQDC – Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, a leading developer of real-estate projects including detached houses, condominiums, and quality mixed-use developments, and the owner and developer of residential projects under Whizdom, launches the latest highlight at the heart of the CBD, Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit, with a rare location at the center of Asoke district under the concept "Own the rare" complete with a spectacular view over the 450-rai Benjakitti Park, plus the convenience of easy access to BTS and MRT Asoke Interchange Station as well as several highways, ready to deliver the best residences today with enhanced well-being through a resident-friendly environment, innovations, technology, and high-quality construction.

Mr Assada Kaeokhiao, President of Whizdom by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), one of Thailand's leading real-estate developers, shared that this year the company anticipates changes in the city's geography with the start of construction on new train lines and the introduction of services on others, directly driving continued increases in the value of land and residential units. Condominiums are set to remain the main product, although the limited availability of land in the CBD and suburbs has led developers to focus on added value in each project to meet changing needs.

"Whizdom is designed as an innovative and inspiring movement in modern residential living to promote further discovery of individual potential through a sustainable learning and knowledge-sharing society. Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit is the new Whizdom flagship under the concept "Own the rare" that truly answers to the modern lifestyle with its Rare Location "Asoke" – the true CBD of Bangkok – complete with transport connections and amenities including popular restaurants and leading department stores, and Rare Innovation with true understanding of clients' needs, resulting from Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit being designed through original ideas from co-creation, in which the target group helps define ideas and needs as well as uncover pain pointsand introduce changes. Together with MQDC's high standards and innovations in all aspects, Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit is fully equipped and perfect forthe Rare lifestyle of modern residents with vision."

The inspiration behind the project stems from metropolises around the world and their lush green central parks where people meet, hang out, relax, and keep fit. Bangkok has its own large urban oasis: Benjakitti Park at the heart of Asoke, with over 450 rai of land and a host of plant species as the city's largestforest park, earning the title "Queen of Urban Nature". The idea is to develop a project focused on the importance of verdant expanses. The dilemma of either living in the city and missing out on nature or living away from the city to be near green spaces is resolved by Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit – the project that perfectly suits modern urbanites, providing full access to forest and fresh air.

The highlight of Whizdom Asoke-Sukhumvit is its focus on well-being under the principle "FOR ALL WELL-BEING", with every detail designed to provide the best quality of well-being and to enhance the neighborhood. "FOR ALL WELL-BEING" has 3 central elements:

ENERGY & ECOLOGY – Energy and ecology in the project's surroundings have been planned using the trusted criteria of the Thai Green Building Institute Thai's Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability (TREES-NC).

HEALTH & WELLNESS – Comfort and wellness are the focus in every detail starting from the selection of materials that help prevent accidents and are healthy for residents, the air-conditioning system that helps reduce dust accumulation and prevent mold to improve air quality in every room, and the plumbing system that helps prevent leaks and blocked drains while enabling easy access for maintenance without disturbing other residents.

SENSES & HAPPINESS – The development concentrates on appropriate and healthy design ideally suited to each area's functions according to the psychology and perception of all residents, complete with Universal Design of shared facilities to suit users of all ages.

Innovations enable the ultimate convenience of Smart units operated by Home Intelligent Systems that not only deliver in terms of lifestyle and security but also provide well-being. As the quality of the air we breathe greatly influences our well-being, Indoor Air Quality sensors monitor the carbon dioxide level in each room and work with the ventilation system to refill the room with fresh air through energy recovery ventilation (ERV) devices that not only help keep air healthy but also ensure suitable humidity and temperature for healthy living.

The building is aligned with wind and sun to reduce heat and provide fresh air. In addition, an internal green area in the form of a pocket garden will improve air quality and provide a charming element, while the water-cooling system delivers the standards recognized by well-being-conscious accommodation such as hospitals and 5-star hotels. In terms of security, the project is fitted with access control and analysis employing face recognition for convenient and secure access to the building. Security robots will help detect suspicious objects within the parking area, linked with security officers for immediate intervention. The smart parking system is fitted with 85% automatic parking and rotation to save residents' precious time.

"The major aim in developing the project is to deliver the best residence to our customers and take Thailand's condominium quality to another level with technologies and innovations that Whizdom has developed through researches with RISC (Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center). The project will be completed in December 2021 and we expect to achieve 80% of sales by the end of this year, as evidenced by the number of prospective customers registering for our pre-sales event on 3–4 November 2018," added Mr Assada Kaeokhiao.

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