SCG Lets Homeowners Use Satellite Imaging in Estimating Roof Replacement Cost, Presents Perfect Answer in 4.0 Era PLUS Fast Easy-To-Follow Roof-Check Tips, Eases Concerns about Going Over Budget

Real Estate Press Releases Wednesday January 30, 2019 15:14
Bangkok--30 Jan--SCG

In the 4.0 era, technologies have played increasingly bigger roles in housing industry. Not only that homeowners look for modern-tech integration for better living, but they also expect tech solutions to help with home repair/renovations. "SCG", the leading innovator of home product/services, has recognized this fact. SCG Roof Renovation thus integrates satellite imaging technology to its price-estimation program so that homeowners can easily check the estimated cost of roof replacement by themselves. Thanks to such integration, User Experience (UX) gets better in every aspect as homeowners can plan their budget properly. It takes just three easy steps for homeowners to plan their roof replacement. Backed by this program, homeowners can be rest assured that they will get a new roof they want within their budget. Another advice from SCG is that homeowners should opt for trusted roof experts so as to prevent any roof problem from recurring.

Mr. Dayin Kiatkwankul, Marketing Director – Roof Business of CPAC Roof Tile Company Limited in SCG, says digital-age homeowners have usually used "technologies" in searching for home-repair information such as information on the causes of home damages, materials needed for repairs, and even repair budget. Among the most common problems are "roof issues". This is because roofs are exposed to weather elements all the time. Exposure to scorching sunrays, rain, and storms damage roofs so frequently. It will be hard to find a solution for as long as the exact causes are not identified. When problems are not tackled at their root, problems will keep recurring. To many homeowners, a roof repair or replacement is a big issue. They are worried about expenses and many other things. Aware of their concerns, SCG Roof Renovation would love to offer the following tips on roof checks and related solutions:

Check your roof when it is over 10 years old

After 10 years, a house will turn old and risk developing roof problems. The roof may leak or get so worn-out. Some materials will deteriorate by that time, after all. So if you hear water drops hitting your ceiling or flowing there when it rains, you should realize that problems have already occurred. Other signs include stains of brown water over your ceiling board, furniture pieces near the roof getting swollen, and dank smell. A leaky roof may also cause short circuit to some light bulbs. Do not ignore such problems. If they are left unattended for too long, damages will cause a hole on ceiling boards. In serious cases, those boards will crumble, cause property damages, and even harm family members.

What to do after problems are detected?

It is not wrong to search for related information on your own. In fact, several homeowners go to Google to find ways to fix their roof themselves. By the way, as such tasks involve working at a high spot, some specific skills and experiences are required. Moreover, it is necessary that those working on roof repairs have protective gear. So, you are highly recommended to consult experts when you detect roof problems. This is the best way to get solutions. With the help of true experts, problems will be fixed once and for all. They won't recur.

How to choose the right specialist: 3-Step Checklist

1. Go for experienced experts: If your house is already old, you should go to experts who have had extensive experiences. Do not forget that there are various causes behind a roof problem. Repairs therefore will be a quite complicated task. To get fast solutions, you should consult experts such as those working at SCG Roof Renovation. Presently, SCG Roof Renovation has offered comprehensive roof services. Available are solutions to all roof problems and even roof replacement services.

2. Focus on trustworthiness, reliability and assurances that repair works will not be abandoned: Experts chosen should demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability. Check well before you hire them. The check is required to minimize the risks of your roof-repair works being abandoned, delayed and over budget.

3. Pick the experts who will make your life hassle-free: Homeowners usually think that they will have to move out of their house when roof is being repaired or replaced. But the truth is that if experts plan well for you, there is no need for even a temporary relocation. The true experts ensure you can live normally inside your home while they gets the job done and keep your place clean.

Check estimated roof-replacement price in 3 easy steps with the help of satellite-imaging technology
1st Step: Go to via Smart Phone, Tablet or computer and type in your basic information.

2nd Step: Put in your address including house number, soi, road plus any nearby landmark. Then, zoom in the map to check where exactly your house is located. When you find your house on the map, draw a line around your roof based on its size and shape. Then, the program will automatically calculate your roof space. Such automatic calculation removes a common problem among homeowners. Indeed, most homeowners do not know the exact size of their roof.

3rd Step: Enter your roof information regarding its shape, its sloping angle, and roof-tile model. Then, type in the new roof-tile model you have chosen. The program will automatically calculate the material cost and installation cost for you. In this step, you may also add optional materials you want for your roof's extra strengths and quality such as insulators, aluminum foil, soffit and wooden eaves.

SCG Roof Renovation can provide roof-replacement services with one-year warranty at any corner of Thailand. For roof repairs, services are available only in Bangkok and adjacent provinces namely Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon with six-month warranty. Services are provided by quality teams. All team members have completed training on roof renovation and had hands-on experiences. They therefore can deliver fast and quality services in line with SCG standards. Importantly, SCG Roof Renovation truly offers comprehensive services from counseling, to site inspection, to planning and to delivery of solutions in the forms of roof repairs or replacements. Such impressive services are made available because SCG recognizes the importance of tending to your home the way we would do for our own home.

If interested, check out satellite imaging technology-enabled program prepared by SCG Roof Renovation or seek counselling at SCG Experience, SCG Home Solution, or SCG Contact Center at Tel. 02-586-2222. Or browse to

Follow the above tips to prevent and solve your room problems on a sustainable basis. If you want to know the estimated cost of roof replacement, click

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