Elevated Returns to Host DS Summit 2019 Thailand as it sets to Tokenize Thai Real Estate with a Target of US$100m This Year

Real Estate Press Releases Wednesday February 27, 2019 11:15
Bangkok--27 Feb--Ogilvy Public Relations

Elevated Returns (ER), a New York-based financial group focused on digitizing traditional financial assets, in partnership with Seamico Securities Plc and Tezos, is hosting DS Summit 2019 – Thailand, a premier blockchain conference dedicated to digital securities taking place on Monday March 11, 2019 in Bangkok, with an aim to bring together over 300 blockchain industry leaders, regulators, policy makers, business executives, tech innovators and investors to discuss opportunities for blockchain and digital securities in Thailand. Following its success on the token sale of the St. Regis Aspen Resort, the company is planning to tokenize the global real estate market by selling shares in the form of digital tokens, targeting US$250 million of transactions this year, including a US$100 million deal in Thailand.

Mr. Stephane De Baets, Founder and President of Elevated Returns, said "Tokenization is the method whereby assets such as real estate, art, or stocks are transformed into tradeable digital contracts known as security tokens, which reside on a blockchain. We have huge ambitions in bringing this to the global real estate market. In Thailand, in the coming months, we will focus on bringing awareness and educating the market on asset tokenization on blockchain and the benefits of digital securities. Therefore ER, in partnership with Seamico and Tezos, is launching DS Summit 2019 – Thailand for the first time to create a dedicated blockchain conference focused on digital securities in Thailand."

As part of ER's expansion into Thailand, Elevated Returns announced the 21% acquisition of Bangkok-based Seamico Securities PLC, which will make it a significant minority shareholder of the company and will offer it access to regulatory licenses and distribution capability in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. ER plans to tokenize Thai real estate the way it has succeeded in doing so recently in the US.

"Security tokens have been in many discussions over the past few years and I expect the tokenization of financial assets to be a huge growth business in 2019 and beyond. Following our success with the tokenization of the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, we are looking to expand our business globally with an aim to reach a target of US$250 million of transactions this year, including a US$100 million deal in Thailand," added De Baets.

Elevated Returns has raised US$18 million for Aspen Digital, a tokenized real estate offering that gives investors a small ownership stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort. The transaction is among the first of its kind to successfully tokenize a trophy real estate asset. This is a major development in real estate investment as investors can buy and sell a piece of property anytime even before the whole property actually changes ownership.

The approach will allow investors to access markets that are beyond their reach and introduce a regulated method for raising money via digital securities.

"Tokenizing assets is how we can democratize the investing process as we would eliminate middlemen," said De Baets. "And it could be more lucrative for the seller than the traditional sales process too as this method will result in fewer intermediaries to pay and if the token becomes liquid, it should result in a higher valuation."

DS Summit 2019 – Thailand is the premier blockchain conference in Thailand purely focused on digital securities and security tokens. With a line-up of more than 15 leading speakers and panelists, including Elevated Returns' Stephane De Baets, this one day insight-driven gathering will bring unique perspectives across a number of digital securities specific topics, from the legal and regulatory framework to enabling digital securities to the future of token standards.

The summit will also be a great opportunity to network with over 300 senior professionals globally and in Thailand across a myriad of industries such as securities, banking, real estate, and asset management. Panel and networking sessions at this summit offer exceptional opportunities to deep dive on specific topics and engage with other leaders.

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