Nirvana Daii Launches the New Concept of Modern Living with the New Series of Nirvana Beyond

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Nirvana Beyond Rama 9-Krungthep Kreetha project on the new prime location of Krungthep Kreetha Road

Nirvana Daii Public Company Limited saw the opportunity and potential of Krungthep Kreetha Road as being a new prime location in eastern Bangkok and ventured with Daiwa House from Japan in developing "Nirvana Beyond Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha," a high-end detached house project worth 2.6 billion baht.

The project is also near three major mass transit lines, namely the completed and operating Airport Rail Link, and the under-construction Yellow Line (Lat Prao-Samrong), and the Orange Line (Thailand Cultural Center-Min Buri). Being on a prime location, residents will be able to conveniently travel into Bangkok's CBD area as well as exiting the capital to other provinces through using Kanchanapisek Road. The project is also near three International schools, a golf course, a renowned university, major shopping malls, and hospitals, definitely a well-equipped location.

Mr. Sornsak Somwattana, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nirvana Daii Plc, gave details that the Nirvana Beyond Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha Project is a 3-story detached house project situated on New Krungthep Kreetha Road. Every unit is designed under the concept of "Living Revolution," the idea is to greater embrace nature into living spaces, creating a better living environment.

At present, younger generations are looking for residential places that are modern looking while providing travel conveniences. Location is, therefore, an essential consideration for real estate developers in meeting the demands of consumers. Krungthep Kreetha is now growing to be a new prime location of Eastern Bangkok, as the road connects with other major roads namely Srinakarin, Patthanakarn, Ramkhamhaeng, as well as being near the expressway to take you swiftly into central Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Nirvana develops 'Nirvana New BEYOND Series' homes with the revolutionary concept of modern design and creates new roles for living spaces. The prototype houses are built at the Nirvana Beyond Rama 9-Krungthep Kreetha project. The house's concept based on 'Deconstruction concept' that is trending currently. The idea emphasizes 'free space,' as well as playing with new dimensions such as tilting or twisting the angles of walls and connecting room to rooms to create new conceptual spaces which can be better fully utilized. Additionally, the design helps to add privacy for residents; for example, private corners to take in scenery will be designed to have large openings with high ceilings to embrace nature. Meanwhile, angles that may be visible by neighbors or outsiders will be made narrower or has a tilted angle to block outside views. Meanwhile, the design will still work to link each room to ensure family bonding.

In addition to the beauty of the exterior of the house, there is also an element of nature that can be drawn to help create vitality and pleasant atmosphere. BEYOND New Series homes, therefore, focus on green areas. For example, the court in the middle of the house draws outside atmosphere to be part of the space in the house and gives an open feeling to the area, both bringing in natural light and views, making sure that all corners of the house will be able to embrace green spaces while retaining privacy.

Mr. Masakane Kuge, General Manager of Division 4 Overseas Division, Daiwa House Industry, added that the concept of Nirvana's home development has many elements similar to Daiwa House. Beginning from the neat and careful design given to the house for the maximum benefit of the residents and makes the home an enjoyable place. Additionally, Nirvana also well looks after the overall areas and has beautifully designed the entire landscape of the project.

"From the beginning of the joint venture between Nirvana and Daiwa House since last year, we have worked together from planning and designing the project and therefore successfully assembled the sample house for the Nirvana Beyond Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha project," said Mr. Kuge.

In addition to design, 'Living innovation' is also another critical element in the development of the Nirvana Beyond Rama 9-Krungthep Kreetha project.

Advanced security systems have been installed in every unit to ensure utmost protection. All housing units are also equipped with high-speed Internet connection with Wifi modems installed in numerous locations inside every house to ensure complete signal coverage. The project also has also designed a 'Work from Home' system to ensure a seamless connection. Furthermore, a Nirvana App Service has also been developed for residents to be able to control their entire home remotely, while there is also a 'Nirvana Living Service' to provide personal assistance when residents require any help.

Under the 'BEYOND New Series,' Nirvana also gives importance to the well-being of all residents as there is an Air Control System installed in every unit to control temperatures inside the homes automatically. Air conditioning system installed also helps reduce dust particles, control moisture levels and protect residents from allergies. Also, there is a water filter system to ensure sanitary of incoming water as well.

Nirvana Beyond Rama 9-Krungthep Kreetha is a project designed for young executives or new generation business owners with a family who are looking for a modern designed home and give major attention to details to ensure happiness for everyone in the family. The project has 85 units, with properties sizes ranging from 300 to 470 square meters. Prices run from 28-44 million baht.

Mr. Sornsak expressed his confidence that the Nirvana Beyond Rama 9-Krungthep Kreetha project will meet the demands of customers who would like to buy a single detached house in a location that can provide easy access to central Bangkok while being able to escape traffic congestion, as well as for those who would are searching for bigger house for their expanding family.

Nirvana Beyond Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha Project is a pilot project of the modern residential city development plan with a value of over 33 billion baht on the new Krungthep Kreetha Road. Nirvana has purchased 250 rai of land in the area and are looking to develop Uptown Style real estate development projects in the next five years. The residential town project would contain more accommodation, shopping centers, health centers, and other amenities. To ensure a better quality of life for residents in the area and meeting the demands of the new generation who want to avoid congestion from having to travel into the city.

About Nirvana Daii

Nirvana Daii Public Company Limited (NVD) has a registered capital of 1,405.6 Million Baht. Its core businesses consist of 1) Property development - including residential projects - Nirvana Beyond, Nirvana Icon and Nirvana Intro; Home Office projects - Nirvana @Work and Shop & Chill; Townhome projects - Nirvana Define, Nirvana Cover and Nirvana Cluster; and the company's condominium project (Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok). Currently, it has developed a total of 18 projects, with the remaining units for sale worth a total of over 14 Billion Baht; 2) Nirvana Home Builder; and 3) Home Products and Construction Materials.

The company has established its strategic framework under the idea of moving forward by considering all of the factors in the working process, as we believe that every single detail of life has brought happiness to customers, colleagues, business partners and shareholders. Nirvana Daii's product development can respond to customers' requirements including function and emotion in a different style which is Nirvana's identity as at Nirvana Daii, we believe that, "Details make magic".

About Daiwa House Group

Founded in 1955 in Osaka, Daiwa House Group is Japan's first house construction company that has prefabrication expertise. Although the company has single house as its core business, its first customers are related to social infrastructure industries such as Japanese National Railway, Nippon Telegraph and Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. Daiwa House focuses on business-to-business (B2B) customers and is widely accepted as the contractor of prefab houses and the developer of new town during the time the Japanese economy grew significantly.

Daiwa House was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1961 and started expanding to enter retail and wholesale business, condominium, resort and hotel, home building consultancy, rental housing, apartment and medical and long-term nursing facilities. Moreover, Daiwa House saw investment potential in some 20 countries worldwide spanning from America to Asia. In 2017, the company posted total sales of US$3.79 billion.

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