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AUTOMOTIVE Press Releases

Car4Cash offers scholarship to support parents during the new semester reinforcing commitment to fighting alongside everyday heroes Stcoks—08 Jul 20

Car4Cash, the leader in automotive refinance market, reinforces its commitment to alleviating customers’ financial burdens with the campaign “Car4Cash scholarship: supporting everyday heroes for the new semester”. To offer encouragement

!important - The First App that Could Save Your Life Automotive—07 Jul 20

BERKELEY California--7 Jul--PRNewswire/InfoQuest
Free Mobile App from Silicon Valley Protects Pedestrians from Connected Vehicles.
Of all 250,000 pedestrian fatalities a year, 65% present a massive problem for the automotive industry. A Berkeley based startup may have just solved the problem.

A French automotive study [i] shows that pedestrian deaths come from 20 common scenarios, which can be categorized into four groups: driver responsibility (35%), visual blockage (28%), unpredictable pedestrian behavior (26%), and weather conditions (11%). While existing vehicle-based sensors such as cameras, radars, sonars, and lidars address the first category, the remaining categories are left unsolved by current technologies.

Functioning as a digital safety belt, the !important app communicates the user's location to nearby connected vehicles. The technology can immediately alert drivers and even trigger vehicles' brakes automatically to prevent a collision with an approaching person, bicyclist, or motorcyclist. This first pedestrian-based technology works in all 20 common scenarios and could save a million lives over the next decade.

Download the app for free from
The !important app is currently available for free on the iPhone and Android App stores. "This solves the remaining 65% of death cases. We hope it will become a regulation for the

OpenSynergy Collaborates With Google and Qualcomm on Virtualizing Android Automotive Automotive—07 Jul 20

OpenSynergy, today announced its yearlong collaboration with Google and Qualcomm on a reference platform with a virtualized Android Automotive OS instance running on top of OpenSynergy's COQOS Hypervisor SDK and Qualcomm's Snapdragon SA8155 automotive

Toyota Argentina Joins the "New Normal" with Dahua Solution Automotive—07 Jul 20

Toyota Argentina has been operating in the country for 26 years. It represents 40% of the exports of automotive companies in 2019 and currently has an annual production capacity of 141,000 units, exporting 75% of its production to 22 Latin American

Ecotrade Group Highlights Its Digital Catalytic Converter Pricebook IT—07 Jul 20

Ecotrade Group recently acknowledged the growing popularity of its free pricebook app. Compatible with all devices, the Eco Cat App serves as an advanced search engine for pricing scrap catalytic converters in a wide variety of automotive makes and

เปิดวาร์ปดีไซน์ภายนอก Grenadier รถ 4x4 สายลุย รองรับการใช้งานที่สมบุกสมบันที่สุดในโลก จากค่ายรถ ยานยนต์—03 Jul 20

INEOS Automotive ได้เปิดเผยดีไซน์ภายนอกของ Grenadier รถยนต์ 4x4 แบบเน้นการใช้งานเป็นหลักที่ใกล้จะพร้อมเปิดตัวให้สาธารณชนได้ชมกัน ซึ่งถือเป็นอีกก้าวที่สำคัญ เพื่อมุ่งสู่เป้าหมายคือการเริ่มต้นผลิตจริง INEOS Grenadier ถูกออกแบบขึ้นมาใหม่

Microchip Delivers the Smallest Automotive maXTouch(R) Controllers for Smart Surfaces and IT—30 Jun 20

New touch controller family offers multi-finger thick glove and weather-proof operation in a turn-key solution for easy integration To help enhance and ease today’s driving experience, automotive manufacturers are implementing additional touch

Microchip Delivers the Smallest Automotive maXTouch(R) Controllers for Smart Surfaces and IT—30 Jun 20

- New touch controller family offers multi-finger thick glove and weather-proof operation in a turn-key solution for easy integration To help enhance and ease today's driving experience, automotive manufacturers are implementing additional touch

Vina Sun Energy to Set Up Automotive Spare Parts Production Factory at WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe Events—23 Jun 20

Vina Sun Energy Investment JSC recently signed a MOU with WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC to lease the land for its future automotive spare parts production factory and logistics warehouse in WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An, Vietnam. This facility will

NEW MITSUBISHI XPANDER CROSS Wins Positive Feedback from Impressed Automotive—15 Jun 20

NEW MITSUBISHI XPANDER CROSS has proven to be a popular urban SUV with enthusiasts and automotive reviewers, garnering a host of positive feedback and responses. More importantly, it has enjoyed generally positive reviews from the media. Mr. Morikazu

QAD and Quistem Help Automotive Customers with Operational Restart Readiness IT—15 Jun 20

QAD and Quistem have teamed up to develop specific guidelines to help automotive manufacturers prepare for the restart of their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines feature 13 key topics that automotive suppliers will need to address

Car4Cash reaffirms its promise to “Fight Together” alongside vehicle Stcoks—10 Jun 20

Car4Cash, a leader in automotive refinance market, launches within-three-hour approval service in response to the easing of lockdown measures to reinforce its positioning as the alternative and affordable source of funds. In fulfilling its promise to

Mazda SUV Recorded as Best Seller in April Automotive—13 May 20

Mazda Sales Thailand is Automotive Company Japanese premium brand announced the success of its SUV sales in April 2020 which could lead Mazda to become the leader in SUV segment with the highest sales of around 500 units. This success represented

Polyplastics Launches New DURACON(R) POM Grade with Improved Diesel Fuel Resistance for Auto Fuel Automotive—13 May 20

The Polyplastics Group has announced the introduction of a new DURACON(R) polyoxymethylene (POM) grade which delivers improved diesel fuel resistance for the production of injection-molded automotive fuel system components. The new material complements

“Car4Cash” expands delivery and at-home contract service Events—05 May 20

Car4Cash, a leader in the automotive refinance market, expands Car4Cash Delivery service nationwide, in response to the national agenda 'Stay home and stop the virus for the nation,’ to support customers regardless of circumstances and financial

Quectel launches Wi-Fi 6 modules to bring premium performance to indoor and automotive IT—22 Apr 20

Quectel Wireless Solutions, the leading global supplier of cellular and GNSS modules, has today announced a series of brand-new Wi-Fi 6 modules, including the industrial-grade FG50X series based on the Qualcomm(R) FastConnectTM 6800 mobile connectivity

Krungsri Auto Expands Relief Measures for Customers Impacted by COVID-19 Stcoks—07 Apr 20

Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL, announced that it has expanded assistance measures for auto finance customers who have been impacted by the spreading of COVID-19, in response to the Bank of Thailand’s

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Wins 2 TAQA Awards 2019 for Outstanding Services and Quality Automotive—23 Mar 20

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction has earned 2 awards from Thailand Automotive Quality Award (TAQA) 2019. The awards went to Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for 'Outstanding Initial Quality

Krungsri Auto provides extra care for customers Stcoks—10 Mar 20

Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL, led by Mrs. Kittiya Srisanit (fourth from left), Head of Krungsri Auto Group, Bank of Ayudhya PCL, recognizes the on-going threat of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 outbreak and the

Krungsri Auto underlines sustainable growth strategy for 2020 To support the stability of Stcoks—05 Mar 20

Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL, today announced its 2019 performance with 14% growth in loan outstanding, valued at 418 billion baht. To maintain sustainable growth, the automotive finance service provider

Krungsri Auto Reaffirms Top-of-Mind Brand in Automotive Finance Winning Eight Consecutive Events—19 Mar 20

Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL, led by Mrs. Kittiya Srisanit, Head of Krungsri Auto Group, Bank of Ayudhya PCL, recently received the “Thailand’s Most Admired Brand 2020” award from BrandAge

Krungsri Auto kicks off the second year of 'LET’sponsible: No Taillight, No You’ Stcoks—16 Mar 20

With the support from 12 leading motorcycle brands and the Senate’s endorsement in driving the national agenda on road safety, the initiative targets to save over 50,000 lives from road accidents nationwide. Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive

ภาพข่าว: FORTRON ประเดิมนัดแรก คว้าแชมป์ 4 รางวัล ในรายการแข่งขัน Toyo Racing Car Thailand ทั่วไป—10 Mar 20

คุณอิศระ วัชโรทยางกูร กรรมการผู้จัดการ บริษัท ฟอร์ซ อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล จำกัด ผู้นำเข้าและจัดจำหน่ายผลิตภัณฑ์บำรุงรักษารถยนต์ตามระยะทาง FORTRON (โฟรตรอน) จากประเทศออสเตรเลีย ผู้ให้การสนับสนุนทีมแข่ง FORTRON DRIVER AUTOMOTIVE อย่างเป็นทางการ

Polyplastics Highlights DURANEX (R) PBT Grade for High-voltage Automotive General—03 Mar 20

The Polyplastics Group is offering an improved polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) grade which provides improved tracking resistance for a range of high-voltage automotive components. DURANEX (R) PBT CG7030 is a 30% glass-filled grade which also delivers

เชลล์ ตอกย้ำความเป็นผู้นำน้ำมันเชื้อเพลิงและน้ำมันเครื่องคว้า 2 รางวัลธุรกิจยานยนต์ยอดนิยมจากงาน ทั่วไป—26 Feb 20

บริษัท เชลล์แห่งประเทศไทย จำกัด ได้รับ 2 รางวัลจากพิธีประกาศผลและมอบรางวัลธุรกิจยานยนต์ยอดนิยมแห่งปี 2562 หรือ Thailand Automotive Quality Award (TAQA) 2019 ที่จัดโดยสถาบันยานยนต์ ร่วมกับสื่อสากล สื่อในเครือหนังสือพิมพ์ผู้จัดการ และบริษัทวิจัย คัสต้อม

บริษัท แอบโซลูท บาย ออปติม่า เวิร์คซ์ เตรียมเปิดตัว แอบโซลูท บาย ออปติม่า เวิร์คซ์ (Absoluteby ปฏิทินข่าว—25 Feb 20

บริษัท แอบโซลูท บาย ออปติม่า เวิร์คซ์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด ผู้เชี่ยวชาญในการให้บริการยนตกรรมชั้นนำระดับโลก ผ่านการรับรองคุณภาพโดยผู้เชี่ยวชาญจากประเทศสิงคโปร์ จัดงานแถลงข่าว "The Launch of "Absolute by Optima Werkz" Beyond the Automotive Solutions"

Henkel introduces new tin replacement solution for automotive body repair Cold rebuilding epoxy Events—19 Feb 20

Henkel has introduced Teroson EP 5020 TR, a two-component epoxy-based cold rebuilding material designed to replace conventional tin solder in aftermarket repairs of automotive body damages. Fast curing, easier to sand and smoother to apply than previous

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Exceeds 2019 Targets and Outgrows Industry Events—12 Feb 20

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has posted a 4.4% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth with a domestic sales volume of 88,244 units, winning it a market share of 8.8%. Its performance also outgrew the automotive industry. For 2019, the total industry volume