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Why Customer Experience Is (Rightly) Such a Hot Topic in Travel Lifestyle—14 Dec 17

Companies that anticipate and deliver what travellers want, when they want it, are more likely to command loyalty – and profits By Carolyn Childs, co-founder and strategist, Why is customer experience such a hot topic and buzz

2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards to Open in February Lifestyle—16 Nov 17

Ahead of World Toilet Day on 19 November, says there are clear linkages between better health, clean toilets and successful tourism The 2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards will open to submissions in February 2018, with winners

The Changing Needs of Millennials: New Implications for the Travel Lifestyle—13 Nov 17

Business travel, loyalty programs, food and beverage consumption, and travel marketing content are already feeling the impact By Bronwyn White, co-founder & strategist, Millennials – also known as Gen Y or the Me Generation

Tourism Businesses Need to Get On Board the Voice Search Revolution Lifestyle—27 Sep 17

Optimise your digital presence online for the new conversational age. Voice search algorithms will do the rest for you. The travel industry in Asia Pacific should prepare itself to maximise business from voice searches online. Simply optimise your

Why Chatbots Are Transforming the Travel Industry Lifestyle—13 Sep 17

With chatbots, customers can manage their own bookings without needing to wait on the line for the next available representative. By Bronwyn White, co-founder, Chatbots can be simply defined as artificial intelligence programs that

Six Steps to Respond to Negative Online Reviews - From a Legal Perspective Lifestyle—25 Aug 17

A commercial lawyer with experience in travel, tourism and hospitality issues, has shared with an online gathering of travel and tourism leaders her effective steps to dealing with negative online reviews. Addressing a 23 August

The Pros and Cons of Using Snapchat in Tourism Marketing Lifestyle—13 Jul 17

If you're a marketer for a tourism destination, product or service, should you be on Snapchat? says you do need to be on Snapchat if your main market is youths and travellers in their 20s, especially if you're trying to attract them

Toilet Tourism Awards Now Open Lifestyle—26 Apr 17

Entries for the inaugural Toilet Tourism Awards organized by, close on 15 June 2017. The finalists of each category will be announced 22 June 2017 at the Travel and Tourism Research Association international conference in Quebec,

Creating Loyalty in Travelling Millennials Lifestyle—21 Apr 17

Millennials don't like being overtly marketed too. However, they are not averse to marketing messages, but only if those messages are delivered in the right format. Millennials react well to influencer marketing. Sell to them by educating them, not just

Its 2017 And This Is Why Its Time for Your Online Tourism Marketing to Get General—03 Feb 17

Destinations, hotels and tourism businesses should seize the opportunities of digital democracy created by the semantic search revolution that has only just begun, says Bronwyn White, co-founder of, which is launching a free webinar

MTR Launches International Toilet Tourism Awards Lifestyle—17 Nov 16

Ahead of UN International Toilet Day on 19 November, announces the "Toilet Tourism Awards" to highlight the close link between toilets and successful tourism will launch the "Toilet Tourism Awards" on 19

Report: Accessible Tourism Huge Potential for More Growth Lifestyle—05 Oct 16

Accessible travel is perhaps the travel industry's greatest untapped opportunity. There are millions of people worldwide looking for accessible travel options. The demand will continue to grow due to demographic aging. has released a

Nine Travel Trends Among High Net Worth Individuals General—20 Sep 16

The report, a 12-page extract entitled Luxury Travel and the Visitor Economy: Key Insights and Trends, is a jointly branded study by, with support from Luxperience and Executive PA magazine. The report author, Carolyn Childs,

Travel DMOs Need to Go into Marketing Rehab Lifestyle—18 Aug 16

It's time for destination marketing organisations to forget their old habits and hits and get high on new evidence-based marketing instead, said at its inaugural 'Tourism Marketing Rock Star Convention' Destination marketing

Talking Dirty: How Toilet Tourism Can Change the World General—01 Aug 16

Good toilets can change the world. Bad or non-existent ones can hurt a destination's tourism prospects. Travel industry futurists, believe public toilet cubicles with the right kind of see-through walls can be a good thing. Well at

#Rock Star Convention Announced for Tourism Marketers Entertainment—04 Jul 16 will run the inaugural one-day 'Rock Star Convention' for tourism marketers on Wednesday 17 August in Sydney. The event will be led by tourism marketing divas Bronwyn White and Carolyn Childs. The event has been designed for leaders

Grasp the Digital Nettle: Website ROI in Tourism Marketing Lifestyle—18 Apr 16

While website metrics are not perfect, don't rely on 'hope' marketing, especially in the digital age, says the digital marketing guru of THERE are two camps in travel and tourism: those who spend and don't measure, hoping it will go

Local Businesses Need to Keep it Local, Online and Mobile to Attract Tourism Lifestyle—25 Mar 16

Travel industry futurist, Bronwyn White, the co-founder of, says that in an age when tourists want local and 'authentic' experiences, businesses need to embrace smartphone search basics. IT'S time for destination marketing to go

Luxury Travel: The Powerful Role of the Executive Personal Assistant Lifestyle—13 Mar 16

A uniquely holistic study by MyTravelResearch, Luxperience and Executive PA magazine has been expanded to include the role of personal and executive assistants in the luxury travel decision-making process In-depth research into the luxury travel sector

Content, Brand and Mobile: The Destination Revolution is Now General—09 Feb 16

The internet is the new Industrial Revolution. Make it work for you with this three-pronged strategy, says Bronwyn White, tourism marketing guru of THE internet is the industrial revolution of our time. And we're still at the

Technology Lets Tourists Go Local with Micromoments Lifestyle—08 Jan 16

Tourism research guru Bronwyn White of shows how micromoments are transforming the tourism experience. Destination marketers need to be across this. Airbnb and Google are there already. I was delighted a few weeks ago when I saw that

How Hotels Can Surprise and Delight on a Budget Lifestyle—16 Dec 15

Bronwyn White of says 2-3-star hotels should learn from a gem of a hotel discovery she made while in Palm Springs, California I travelled all the way from Australia to Los Angeles recently for work and pleasure mixed together. As a

The Importance of the Magician PCO in Landing New MICE Business General—09 Dec 15

If destinations, hotels and venues target the client's professional conference organiser (PCO) in the pitching process, lucrative MICE business will follow, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, Not winning as much meetings, incentives,

Tips from Tourism Australias Digital Marketing Guru Lifestyle—11 Nov 15

Carolyn Childs of finds out from Tourism Australia's acclaimed Global Manager, Social & Content, Jesse Desjardins, that trust, authenticity and consumer content is king in modern destination marketing. In an interview with

Is the Occupy Movement Changing Luxury Travel? Lifestyle—07 Sep 15

Increasing inequality in wealth is one of the factors changing the nature of luxury travel. Social and political forces such as the Occupy Movement and government austerity cuts are driving some of the rich to spend their wealth more privately. The same

How to Sell Travel to Seniors Lifestyle—26 Aug 15

They’re cashed up, time rich and love to travel – just don’t call them a ‘senior.’ Bronwyn White the co-founder of shares five tips to help travel marketers tap into the lucrative seniors travel and Luxperience Enter Partnership Lifestyle—13 Aug 15 and Luxperience have created a strategic partnership to uncover the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the luxury travel industry. Preliminary findings from the initiative, which will have an Asia Pacific focus, will

Three Tourism Marketing Insights to Increase Visitation Lifestyle—29 Jul 15

Bronwyn White, co-founder of says that when destination marketers go online, they should go back to the future. Today we go retro to go forward. The tourism marketing landscape has changed. But did you know that old school marketing

With a Clever Pay Per Click Strategy, SMEs in Tourism Can Take on the Big Guys and Lifestyle—06 Jul 15

There has never been a better time for small businesses in tourism to secure more bookings with pay per click. In a 40-minute audio interview with Bronwyn White of, Nigel Ayling Director of in New South Wales explains