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DELI BY CONRAD Press Releases

Coconut Delights at Diplomat Bar, City Terrace and Deli by Conrad General—07 Oct 19

October is the month for coconut lovers! Diplomat Bar, City Terrace and Deli by Conrad invite diners to indulge themselves with four incredibly delicious dishes featuring our highlighted ingredient of coconut. Enjoying the mildly sweet flavor of coconut

Chefs Signature Dishes from Mint #SeasonalIngredient at Conrad Bangkok General—12 Jun 19

Chef's Signature Dishes from Seasonal June Ingredient – Mint Leaves At Diplomat Bar, City Terrace and Deli by Conrad Laab Moo Thod with Mint Throughout June, guests of Diplomat Bar can order up a side of Laab Moo Thod at our sophisticated and cozy

Seasonal November Ginger - Cakes at Deli by Conrad General—05 Nov 18

Adding a bit of ginger to a dish creates a scrumptious "zing" that many find hard to resist. With its uniquely stimulating taste and the wealth of health benefits it offers, ginger has become one of the most fascinating and favorite ingredients in

Lemongrass Coconut Mousse General—03 Sep 18

Lemongrass is Deli by Conrad's highlight ingredient for the month of September and we have been doing some delicious things with it! Indulging in a sweet treat is always a pleasure, but enjoying one that is also nutritious is a delightful experience you

Lemongrass and Ginger Cake At Deli by Conrad General—27 Aug 18

A wonderfully refreshing dessert has been discovered by our Deli by Conrad team, who work around the clock with a passion for creating only the very best to please our guests. The Lemongrass and Ginger Cake is a light and stimulating treat that goes

Mother#s Day High Tea @Deli by Conrad Bangkok General—08 Aug 18

Mother always enjoys a little charm and it's the precious little touches that make a moment last sweetly in the memory. Our inspired Mother's Day High Tea at Deli by Conrad was designed to remind Mom of how much we appreciate her for always being there

Chocolate Themed Dishes by Deli Conrad General—06 Aug 18

When a dish is perfect, every delicious ingredient complements each other with the scrumptiousness and sense of fine dining that our chefs at Deli by Conrad create with a passion. Our highlighted ingredient of the season is chocolate, a taste so

Delicious New Raspberry Macarons General—23 Jul 18

Things are going to get very colorful over at Deli by Conrad. Things are also going to be more delicious that ever with our inspired new Raspberry Macarons. These light and tasty little treats have become beloved around the world and it is so easy to

New! Mango Coconut Cake At Deli by Conrad General—25 Jun 18

Discovering a new taste is always an exciting experience. And it is doubly pleasurable when the taste is so sweet and delicious! As you may know, one of the real treasures of Thailand is its mangos. In fact, Bangkok city itself has even been referred to

Dragon Boat Festival At Deli by Conrad General—11 Jun 18

One of the most exciting holidays in China is the Dragon Boat Festival, occurring around the time of the Summer Solstice, with its origins almost 2,000 years ago and perhaps even longer. A celebration of loyalty and family, the festival is marked with

International Free Range Chicken Dishes General—22 May 18

Deli by Conrad presents special new dishes featuring natural Free Range Chicken. This is the best time of the year to enjoy Free Range Chicken, and our Executive Chef has come up with these ten wonderful and tasty dishes to highlight this succulent meat.

Phuket Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp Khao Pad Sapparot Deli by Conrad at Conrad General—23 Apr 18

When you are in the food for incomparable Thai cuisine, look no further than cozy Deli by Conrad, where it's all made with delicious excellence. One of the delicious signature dishes of Thailand, Khao Pad Sapparot is the famous Thai pineapple fried rice

Pulled Pork Wrap with Flame-grilled Pineapple and Texas Chili Sauce At Deli by General—17 Apr 18

The perfect restaurant for all your favorites, Deli by Conrad also brings you the very best of the season with delicious innovations. And this one is so easy to grab and go! At Deli by Conrad, you can take a satisfying bite of these mouthwatering pork

New Seasonal Dish River Prawns in Coconut and Red Curry Sauce accompanied by Steamed Rice At Deli General—24 Jan 18

If you are a curry lover, the exquisite tastes of Thai cuisine are something you shouldn't have to miss at any time of day. At Deli by Conrad, our relaxed venue for snacks, pastries and light lunches, you can discover a delicious solution. This is the

Festive Season Hampers At Deli by Conrad General—10 Nov 17

The season of giving is upon us and this year is full of delicious gifts. Surprise your loved ones with a delightful Festive Season Hamper overflowing with love — and with everything they love, including jam, honey, homemade cookies and chocolates,

Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner At Cafe@2 and Thanksgiving Set Lunch Deli by General—02 Nov 17

This Thanksgiving Day, we will express our appreciation for all the good things in life by serving you up a memorable feast prepared with both passion and culinary joy, as well as some of the most tantalizing desserts ever created! Our Thanksgiving Day

Sweet Green Rice Pudding Seasonal Menu at Deli by Conrad General—15 Sep 17

In all the world of desserts there is something for everyone. And there are even certain dishes which can please everyone, almost anytime. The new and seasonal Green Rice Pudding now available at Deli by Conrad must be one of them, with a light texture

Thailands Seasonal Menu Durian and Mangosteen at Deli by Conrad General—05 Jul 17

One of the great joys in life is discovery. The experience of a new taste, unique to some part of the world, is unforgettable. Many would advise that if you could try only a single one of the various delicious but unfamiliar treats while traveling in

Pretty in Pink at Deli by Conrad General—18 Jan 16

It is traditional to spoil your loved one on Valentine's Day, so why not take advantage of our 'La vie en rose' ('life in pink') promotion. From February 8-14, Deli goes pink for the occasion. The floral team will create a pink-themed experience, whilst

Great American Sandwiches at Deli by Conrad General—21 Jul 15

From July onwards, you can enjoy our new tasty American sandwiches. Deli by Conrad now serves hot, fresh sandwiches! Delight in tastes such as Homemade Pastrami, House Smoked Salmon and much more. When you are on the go, please make sure to grab a quick

Deli by Conrad Cake of the Month General—23 Jun 15

Throughout July and August, indulge yourself with our pastry chef’s Cake of the Month. July’s temptation is ‘Tartifa’, an exquisite cake of pecan praline, milk chocolate mousse and lime Baileys Cream. In August you can enjoy

Cake of the Month at Deli by Conrad General—03 Apr 15

Indulge yourself at Deli by Conrad with a slice of Caraibe Black Forest gateaux. Executive Pastry Chef Urs’ irresistible “Cake of the Month” is available throughout April at just THB 750 net for a whole cake and THB 140 net for a slice.

“Chocolate Amor?” A Special Handcrafted Valentine’s Gift at Deli by Conrad 4 - 14 Lifestyle—03 Feb 09

For Valentine’s 2009, Executive Chef Dietmar Spitzer of The Conrad Bangkok has prepared the most popular collection of Conrad’s Valentine’s chocolate creations as a special Valentine’s gift for your loved one, from 4 - 14 February

Cookie Therapy available NOW at Deli by Conrad, The Conrad Hotel Business—30 Sep 08

Executive Chef Dietmar Spitzer at The Conrad Hotel has launched 5 NEW cookie flavors which are rich in taste and quality for ‘Cookie Therapy’ at Deli by Conrad. The five flavors are double chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut butter, cashew and

สตรอเบอร์รี่ สดฉ่ำ ที่ Deli by Conrad โรงแรมคอนราด ถนนวิทยุ ทั่วไป—15 Jan 07

เลือกของหวาน..แด่หวานใจ ที่ร้านขนม Deli by Conrad โรงแรมคอนราด ถนนวิทยุ สะพรั่งด้วย สตรอเบอร์รี่หวานฉ่ำรับวาเลนไทน์ วันนี้ถึง 14 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 หัวหน้าพ่อครัวขนม เชฟสลาเว็ก โกลาเอสกี้ ได้เตรียมขนมแสนอร่อยสำหรับผู้ชื่นชอบสตรอเบอร์รี่โดยเฉพาะ อาทิ ชีสเค้กม

'Easter Chocs In Style' at Deli by Conrad, The Conrad Hotel 3 -17 April Lifestyle—03 Apr 06

Executive Pastry Chef Slawek Golaszewski of The Conrad Hotel has created stunning 'Easter Chocs In Style' to celebrate Easter at Deli by Conrad from 3 -17 April 2006. Be fascinated with Easter Eggs Artistry, Easter Bunnies, Chocolate Nest with Easter Eggs

"ไข่อีสเตอร์ ก็มีสไตล์" ที่ โรงแรมคอนราด 3 – 17 เมษายน 2549 ไลฟ์สไตล์—03 Apr 06

กรุงเทพฯ--3 เม.ย.--โรงแรมคอนราด อีกครั้งที่เชฟสลาเว็ก โกลาเอสกี้ หัวหน้าพ่อครัวขนมคนเก่งชาวโปแลนด์ ของโรงแรมคอนราด รังสรรค์งานศิลปะประดิษฐ์ ในรูปแบบที่ต่างจากทั่วๆไป เพื่อฉลองเทศกาลอีสเตอร์ ที่ร้านขนม Deli by Conrad ตั้งแต่ 3 – 17 เมษายน 2549 เชฟสลาเว็ก เ